“Love better. Love wrongly even. Love clumsy and half out your mind. Love spectacular. And less so. Love with mistakes. And forgiveness. Tolerance. Humility. Love with all the lights on. Every light. Every love. Love at every inconvenience. Love hurt. Love spoiled. Love against your better judgement. Love out of your comfort zone. Love wild as ivy. Loud as lion roar. But love quiet when needed. Love hummingbird. Daisy chain. Love in whispers, and in waiting. Love in vulnerability. Love sacred. Love like the head that bends to the prayer mat. Love soft as holy bread. Love resurrection. Love second, third, one hundredth coming. Love in faith. And in loss of it. Love anyway. Love even though. Love just because, and in spite of. Love after the storm. Love devastation. Among the debris. Love humbly. And with apology. And without. Love unreasonably. Unwaveringly. Undone. Love undone. Love unasked. Love unaware of the consequences. Love with reckless optimism. Love earnest as a child. Hopeful as a birthday candle. Love like you don’t know better. Love like you don’t care to.”    Donna-Marie Riley