Ask a roomful of people to consider a toothpick within a 2 minutes timeframe, to come up with as many uses for it as they can think of, other than the purpose for what it is made, and you will be amazed. The combined ideas will create a long list. Some of the ideas will be common in most people’s responses and some will be unique to maybe one or two people. That group of people will be pleased with their efforts.

Now, if you were to replace those people with a new roomful of people and ask them to do the same thing BUT you show them the first room’s list, you will end up with even more suggestions.

Brainstorming is a very useful tool when a company needs to get the creative juices flowing. It is a great way to stimulate new ideas for answers to problems that are not responding to the usual answers. But this practice also demonstrates how we see things. We often only see the purpose for which we think (our education, our upbringing, our beliefs)it has been created. In the exercises above you will always have those people who struggle to come up with any other ideas, or who produce only a couple more than the original use for which it was intended. And yet others produce a list full of really different ideas that everyone can agree, would work. Should an object not be perfect, it is often considered useless and is discarded. In the example above, if you opened the box and found a broken toothpick, most of us would throw it away. Some might even take the whole box back to the store and demand our money back. Continue reading

Today’s Food For Thought

those who follow their heart

Spent some time reading and rereading this one.  There are so many people waking up to who they are and what this world is.  I have such strong hopes that we will be gentle with one another at this time . . . that we will be patient and loving and helpful because this is such an individual process and there is no road map of us so we have to allow others to figure themselves out.

I have been working with my grand daughter and teaching her to see things differently.  We see people who seem to be asleep to us, who do not understand or see what we do.  The lesson is not about the other people.  It is about ourselves.  Just as we can see those people, there are people who see us because the lesson is that we never know it all BUT if we are always open and searching we will see and recognize the truth as it comes to us. Continue reading

Zero Understanding.


We look at a couple of basic things when discussing overpopulation – the earths resources and food.

There are all kinds of variations on this but I am going to go with “10 people can be comfortable supported on 5 acres” and take that down to 8 people per 5 acres.

That means that we could easily fit the entire population of the world into North America with room to spare.   Of course several of the 10 acre plots would not be farming quality, but I wanted to give you a visual to consider. Continue reading

Today’s Food For Thought.


Wow did we miss the mark on this one, IF the whole purpose of education is to make people windows and not mirrors.  I was drop kicked in school for daring to open a window, my kids were drop kicked and my grand kids are being drop kicked.  Looking at the material for schooling today it is mind numbing.  The premise that you start from is almost so nonsensical as to seem a joke.  A person has to shut off their critical thinking and just adopt the premise as set forth by the teacher.  The only thing I am learning in the straight jacket called education is that I made it miles from my “box” … I can’t even see my box anymore.  I have appreciated that my thinking has not been that narrow or that limited for eons. Continue reading

Education is a Farce.



When I started Jr. High, I began a ritual that I continued until I graduated.  I began class by walking in, picking up a piece of chalk and writing, “education is a farce,” on the black board.    The teacher would have to begin the class by erasing what I had written.

Not a single teacher ever took me on.  We did not talk about it.  We did not debate it.  It was written by me.  Erased by the teacher. Continue reading