Pretty Sure Picasso Has to be Related to Me.

navajo me

After watching this video I started digging through all of our old blankets just in case someone slipped in a Navajo blanket when I wasn’t looking.

They hadn’t.

I do have some blankets with dubious stains on them from the kids growing up. My son would assure you that anything with his spit, pee, or vomit on it should be worth millions.

It isn’t. Continue reading

Parental Alienation Syndrome. Are You an Offender?

Powerful checklists for us all to consider. All of us can take more responsibility and be aware of anything we do that contributes to this problem.

This is not just about those people who are involved in custody battles, it is also about the support groups for those people.  This includes family and friends who, perhaps unwittingly, are giving their approval and support to the actions of a parent who is actually ABUSING their child.  Saying nothing is not an option.  Encouraging them to keep children from their other parent is not healthy.  Facilitating that is to participate in the abuse.  Educate yourself.  Support the well being of children.  They are more important than hate.


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