Things I Think About.


I wish that, as a child, I knew the things that I know now.  I think a lot about kids that I knew and the circumstances of their lives.

There are so many things you miss, or ignore, when you are kid and the whole world revolves around you and what games there are to be played at recess.

I think about the girls who were even more marginalized than I was.  Do they know it was not them?  Do they know that we were a small insular farming community in so many ways.  Anything new or different, or anyone who could not trace their roots back to the beginning of the community, was never going to be allowed any space.  Do they know that I was marginalized too?  It may have looked like I was part of things, my family name bought me tolerance.  I was too good to not have on the school teams, but I frequently sat alone going to the games and any opportunity to not include me was never overlooked.  Why did we all cry alone in our bedrooms hidden from one another?  Have they carried those scars with them though their lives, believing the lie that they are not good enough?  Has anyone ever apologized to them?  Are they added to the list of “friends” everyone collects to prove they were awesome, or, are they still being marginalized? Continue reading

An Endless Ripple.


Too often we get caught up in the enormity of the need around us. We see so much work to do, with limited or unknown resources. We don’t know how to begin, where to begin, when to begin. We doubt ourselves. We doubt the value of what we might do and so we do not do anything.

We get overwhelmed with the macro and fail to ever see the micro. Continue reading

Compassion Network Daily


It is true that none of us can help everyone but each of us can help someone.  No one of us is going to solve the world’s problem and thinking that helping is going to require that, or measuring our efforts to help one against the entire need for help is only going to defeat us.  All we have to do is what we can, each moment.  Look around, someone can use your compassion.  It is contagious.  It will be passed on.


Love heals.  Thoughts of love heal.  Acts of love heal.  Just love.


It is a way of living, not a single act.  Those who plot and purposefully hurt others without ever taking responsibility for the pain they cause are often the most miserable of people.  Choosing kindness and love changes you and it changes your life.  The world is a much kinder place when you see it with people who are struggling just like you instead of people you must eliminate and destroy in order to find your own happiness.



It takes so little to be kind. It takes less effort than it takes to think of something mean to do and then post it all over Social Media to tell people how annoyed you are and what you said and did to let that person know what an idiot you think they are. Want to sleep better at night? Forget about trying to impress your “friends” and just do what your heart tells you is the right thing to do. You end up a lot happier in the long run and you can make a huge difference in someone’s life. Believe it or not, they probably did not get up obsessed with thoughts of you and how they could make you miserable.

Kindness … it is an awesome choice.

Kindness Like Rain.


Kindness is something you give.  It is a choice you make.  If the other person does not receive it well, that is their choice, and should never stop us from being the person we are.   A gift with strings attached is not a gift, it is a negotiation.