Screaming About Life After It Is Too Late To Fix Things Is Called A Tantrum.

do something

Today I read about a situation that resulted in a large outcry from “the people” in angry protest.  Although a seemingly daily story with just differing situations, this one was of particular interest.

It caught my eye because the law behind the events was one that I was intimately familiar with.  Over 30 years ago when it was about to be enacted I spoke up about the possible outcomes of such a law.  The reactions of many “good” people was that I was being ridiculous, making much about nothing, did not know what I was talking about, etc.  People were not interested.  It did not impact them that day and they had other things to do.  They were in agreement on that one point and the law passed because no-one felt they needed to worry about it. Continue reading

TFFT: Communicating With the Right Intent.


Years ago I was at a conference when the key note speaker came on stage.  She was a professional and an impressive list of credentials.  She began her talk by telling us how she knew we were all probably incapable of understanding what she was going to talk about but she would attempt to reach us.  I am not sure how much attempt was in her talk because I immediately lost interest in what she had to say and the odd time I actually put together some of her words, I saw little evidence of her effort in that regard.

Just this week I have read half a dozen comments on social media where discussions side tracked from the subject to informing someone or some group that unless they learned to speak/write properly, they were not going to engage.  Ironically, if some of these people ever got out of their own insulated little bubble, they might find numerous other people who have difficulty understanding them. Continue reading