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caravanersIt’s another hilarious blog post:  The Australianadians And A ‘Van Named “Fluffy.” : New Blog Post
“Day 3. Big Australia Trek – Heading North”
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Bunning’s Men


Today was a big day for me. (You might want to gather the office folk around your desk so that you can experience what is like for me. They can help to build excitement. I have no idea HOW to build that but you probably have some kind of engineer there. If you don’t, no worries, pick any man and he can pretend he knows how to do it and then you can all join in. I am pretty sure that whatever it involves, at the end there is a big song and dance finale involving wheat and square dancing skirts. Oh. Oh. And see if someone can get some dry ice and put it in a bucket of water. Awesome effect.)

Today hubby announced we were going to the BIGGG Bunnings Store. Think Home Hardware only add dinner plate size bug zappers and alligator proof waders. Hubby said we had to be up bright and early because he, “Bob the bumbler, builder, attempter, Means Well,” wanted to put up a garden shed. Of course he needed to do it all by himself, having already poured the concrete pad, prepped everything, etc. He had it all figured out. Nod your heads here vigorously and look hopeful. Ohhh,and have angels singing or play an Eric Whitacre piece. Same thing. Continue reading

At The Office.

at the office

Contrary to the image most people have of those like me who write blogs, I am not sitting in my parents basement in dirty underwear.  Although, I freely admit some ambiguity as to exactly at what point in a days wear of underwear that it transforms from a clean pair to “dirty.”  If I say I have had mine on for approximately 7 hours, you will have to make the final judgment.    But I am DEFINITELY NOT in my parents basement or even my own.  I arrive to my office in the front part of the house with large windows.  I am dressed to kill in a power suit…. because … I am likely to do that … kill …

I am not afraid … if the situation calls for it. Continue reading