Paedophilia, The War For Our Minds.

mind control

Someone asked me about why I am so concerned about the shows, the comedians etc … talking about paedophilia like it is no big deal. What is the harm? It is just entertainment after all, isn’t it?

Predictive programming.

It’s a form of mind control.  It is a way of steering people by putting ideas and thoughts into our consciousness so that it becomes common, acceptable, no big deal. You think you are being entertained but you are being programmed. Why do people advertise using all the forms of media? Because it works. Repetition trains our thinking – this is why education used rote for so many years to learn the alphabet, counting, multiplication tables, etc.  Annoying ads are effective because we have a strong emotional reaction to them and that becomes a trigger to lead us to think of the company or product when we have need of what they are selling. We may not want to, but we cannot help ourselves.

If we have been sitting in front of a screen for some time we are in a state similar to hypnosis where the things we are hearing skip right by our conscious mind and lodge with complete acceptance into our sub-conscious.   We absorb whatever is presented to us.  Abhorrent things are stopped at the border of our minds. THAT is the function of our conscious mind. Each human being gets to decide for themselves what is acceptable and what is not. Most normal people, given the option of seeing a horrific image of a dead child, will choose NOT to look at it. We don’t want that image in our recall, but even when we see or hear something our intellect or beliefs reject if we are fully conscious and in control, we have the ability to filter what we hear. Continue reading

Today’s Food For Thought.


I think this is probably very true.  I have personally observed teens, in particular, acting out scenes or ideas from shows they watch.  It is more than just emulating the way people look – it is almost like they step into the roles.  Suddenly it is not enough to have an argument, one must throw things or do damage to property because THAT is what they do on television.

We take our cues from our entertainment.  We paint our world with the same colours of expectation and we live in stress, and dishonesty and drama because we believe that to be “the way it is.”  Relationships do not last, people do not really care about one another, and if it cannot be solved in one hour, we have no patience. Continue reading

This Is Why Mainstream News Sucks.


This is taken from and their “news” pics on 9-11.

What was written underneath was:  “Here’s one for the conspiracy nutters who claim the building was bombed and that there were never any planes. Clue: bombs don’t make plane-shaped holes.”

If you are going to put something in as “news” let’s get the facts straight.  I have never heard a “conspiracy nutter” claim that planes did not hit the building.  Everyone clearly saw at least one plane fly directly INTO the building.  DUH and DOUBLE DUH. Continue reading