Today’s Food For Thought.

be thirsty

“Where do I belong,” was a question that haunted my soul for as long as I can remember.    While some children worried about where to put their hands when under the scrutiny of a disproving adult, I had no idea where to put me, ever.  Deep, soul-wrenching questions haunted my nights, robbing me of sleep.  My days were consumed with trying to undo the one thing I knew with every fibre of my being.  “I did not fit in.”  I did not need to wait for other children to taunt me or run away from me on the playground, their cruel words and actions already had a place carved out in my being where they were meant to live.  I did not fight against them, I welcomed them home.   Continue reading

TFFT: Healers


Life prepares us, if we let it.

It throws down trials and situations that we often feel we cannot possibly survive, but we do.

In the process we find parts of ourselves we never knew we had, and many are broken open in ways that allow them to see life, and others, in a completely different light.  Many are infused with a compassion and understanding that enables them to be light bearers for others struggling in their own lives. Continue reading