TFFT: This is Who I Am.


The abuse and neglect of my childhood really delivered me some unexpected gifts.

Within the limited understanding of a child, and perhaps having more to do with survival than anything else, I managed to work out that making myself invisible was perhaps the best course of action.  It meant I spent most of my time in my own company.  The reality of the “world” seemed insane to me and so I was quite happy to retreat to my own.  This meant there was nothing else to be done except to make friends with and get to know … myself. Continue reading

Why Do Women Make Some of the Worst Friends?


It gets complicated.  Everyone loves to have someone they can have the heart to heart with …every woman needs that connection.

Women are connected in so many ways … the women’s “tent” where understanding was lent, lessons learned, and experiences shared …. amongst generations and peers … acknowledged the bonds between us as women. Sadly today, more and more women speak of being “friendless,” having acquaintances but no-one they trust. Continue reading

Letting Go.


“To let go does not mean to get rid of.  To let go means to let be.  When we let be with compassion, things come and go on their own.”   Jack Kornfield

I was sitting out by the pool today and reflecting.

We talk about letting go of things and often it is in terms of the bad things in our life.  Sometimes we talk about the past, sometimes about people and situations that are not really healthy for us.  We talk about letting go so that we can move on to new and better things. Continue reading