TFFT: Go Home.


So many kids denigrate their homes because they don’t like the messages they get there . . . those being the messages on how to be a decent human being.  Any message that interferes with them doing what they want, when they want, is deemed to be one  intended to crush their individuality.  It is all about what the world owes them, their rights . . .

But many of these same kids want the rights without the responsibilities.  They are happy to take their parents money, they may insist on it, but they are not happy to then listen to what that same parent has to say about them getting a job, or about finishing school, or eating a more healthy diet. Continue reading

Wings to Fly.

my message

I scanned through the pics of a young woman that I know and love.  They are full of her dressed and performing like a trained seal.  She is in adult clothes, adult situations, constantly with either adults, or with children much younger than herself.  She writes and says all the right things but missing is all the evidence of her being a child …her having her own interests, her own time, her own friends her own age.  Missing is her life.

It is all their life.  Their plans for her, now so superimposed on her and over her that there is almost no recognizable sign of a little girl that I once knew who laughed and embraced life like no-one else I had ever seen. Continue reading