TFFT Monsters Exist


Growing up we were that the good guys always win, and with that came an expectation that life would be fair.  In fact, perhaps it made it easier to opt out of paying attention because clearly, this was just how it was.  Good guys and bad guys were easily identifiable.  Monsters were in scary places and mainly fairy tales that most of us left far behind us as we headed into adulthood full of idealism and dreams.

But monsters do exist outside of fairy tales and they are not always identifiable and sometimes they even show up in our lives as the fairy princess or the guy in the white hat.  And, assuming that someone else was keeping life fair was the worst mistake we ever made. Continue reading

TFFT I Am Strong Enough to Believe in Me.

I've come to trust

It is not about trusting anything or anyone other than my own purpose and my ability to take what life throws at me and use it for advancement and not let it defeat me.

Some people excuse everything awful that comes at you by claiming it was what was meant to be, like we deserve tragedy or needed it.  Some people use this idea to excuse the bad behaviour of other people as if they were doing you a favour by backing up the bus and taking another go at you once they drove over you in the first place.  We all have choices and just because I lived after life or someone threw me off a cliff does not mean it was meant to be or that they are excused.  It just means that I choose to move forward. Continue reading

Today’s Food For Thought.

not my story

The people who are busy doing, are often the ones with the biggest targets on their backs.

People don’t care about people who are not a threat to them.  If someone is really insignificant and not a worry, you don’t worry.  What they do, how they do it, when they do it … is irrelevant.   In a race the leaders don’t worry about the ones who are lagging far behind, they only worry about the one in front of them that they have to catch , the one beside them who is threatening to push past and the one just behind them who is catching up fast. Continue reading

I. Just. Am.


Some years ago I made a very conscious decision to get off the treadmill of life and start really living my life.  To that end, I actively sought out and embraced a different perspective of looking at the world and a spirituality that was deeply rooted in everything I did and not just an outfit I put on to attend an hour service once a week. Continue reading