The Village Speaks: PAS Does not Happen in a Vacuum.


I am going to once again plug this site on Parental Alienation and I am asking people to read it and pay close attention to the signs of an abusing parent, the signs of an abused child, and ask yourself if you are supporting someone who is alienating their child.  We are destroying our children with our need to exact revenge for our own problems.  Our children deserve better than that.  WE are the village.  WE can change things if we simply educate ourselves and do what we can with our own responsibilities and spheres of influence.

Parental Alienation or Parental Alienation Syndrome??

Do you know the difference between Parental Alienation and Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS)? One is the cause of and the other is the result of.


Outstanding article and website:

We have to stop this from happening.  The long term damage of children growing up alienated from one of their parents and that whole parents family, who love the child is a much deeper problem than you might think.  Consider the cost of raising children to adulthood, coached and coerced into hating someone who is supposed to love and nurture them?  Then consider the impact of that child one day realizing that the parent who taught them to hate, lied and used them to promote their own hate. Continue reading