I Struggle to Speak My Heart

In the light of all that is happening in the world, I find myself sitting alone.  Off in the distance, I can hear the arguing.  I am shocked at the raw emotions of people stripped back of all social pretence.  We are an incredibly ugly, unkind people when we are wounded and backed into a corner.

I think I expected more.  I expected better.

I am trying to hold on to my belief that this too has meaning that will find its way to a better place and it is just my smallness that cannot see.  Forgive me for that.

Instead,  I offer a few findings that speak to my heart, and perhaps will do the same for yours. Continue reading

Today’s Food For Thought.

open heart

It is not the darkness or the trial that provides the growth in our lives.  The darkness often tears down the last of our walls.  It breaks us open.  Tragedies and trials take us places we would never voluntarily go ourselves and it is then that we are open to the light and healing that comes.

We can fight the darkness.  We can deny things happened.  We can hold ourselves tighter against the  lessons we are meant to learn but it only means the darkness will return and its pressure might be even greater and our breaking apart might needs be even greater.  There is no escaping the lessons we are meant to learn. Continue reading