Sometimes You Just Have to Pee in The Sink.

out of order

The other day I was working on an art piece and I needed a screwdriver.  My husband had recently moved everything out of the attached garage to the large garage/shed in preparation for our painting the floor this weekend so all the tools were under lock and key.  The key was the issue, it was somewhere safe . . . on his key chain, with him, on the golf course.  I couldn’t put off what I was doing until he got home so I found a nail file that worked.  Later I needed to hammer a nail in.  I had plenty of options to use in place of the hammer;  I used the heavy handle of an older knife.  I was intent on what I was doing, and I made use of whatever was around me to get the job done, even though what I used was not normally used for that purpose.  Success! Continue reading

Today’s Food For Thought


One of the things that most delights me about my grandchildren is their unique abilities that makes each and every one of them so awesome.  To watch them grow up with those differences intact, with clear ideas of who they are and what they want makes me incredibly hopeful.

I like people who are incredibly different, who insist on doing things their way and are unapologetically themselves no matter what.  Give me a room of beautiful clones and I will choose the stuffed dummy in the corner every time. Continue reading

Today’s Food For Thought.


I have spent considerable time thinking about the importance of love and how it develops.  How do people love?  Is their love conditional or unconditional?  How do people arrive at a place where they cannot love?

Love has to be given and received.  It has to be modeled.  It has to be identified.  Obviously a family is the ideal place for that to happen.  A child learns about male and female love, parental love, sibling love, extended family love … and hopefully the child learns the fundamental basis for all love … that HE is loved. Continue reading

I. Just. Am.


Some years ago I made a very conscious decision to get off the treadmill of life and start really living my life.  To that end, I actively sought out and embraced a different perspective of looking at the world and a spirituality that was deeply rooted in everything I did and not just an outfit I put on to attend an hour service once a week. Continue reading