WORD'S WORTH“Religion for centuries has become associated with a life-negative attitude, and obviously any life negative attitude cannot be creative; it becomes intrinsically impossible for it to be creative. Creativity needs a life-affirmative philosophy, creativity needs a tremendous love for existence, and the so-called religions have been teaching people to renounce life, to escape from life; they have been against life. Because of this, no creative person can be interested in such religions. If he becomes interested he will lose his creativity; if he wants to remain creative he will have to sacrifice his religiousness. Religions have not left any other choice. Because of this, only uncreative people became interested in religion.

I am not talking about Gautam the Buddha, Lao Tzu, Zarathustra, Jesus, Mohammed, Mahavira, Krishna, Kabir, Nanak; leave aside these few names. They are immensely creative, they are poets of existence. They are far greater poets than your so-called poets—their whole life is poetry. They are great musicians. They may never have played on any musical instrument, but their heart is full of harmony, music, melody. Their very heartbeat is that of rhythm, of music. Their life is a dance, it is a song, it is a celebration. Hence, please leave aside these few people.

But the religions have nothing to do with them. Christianity, Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, Mohammedanism, these organized religions have nothing to do with their own founders. If you look deep, if you meditate over the matter, you will be surprised. This is my observation: that the people who call themselves Christians are not at all concerned with Christ and his message; in fact, they are against everything which Christ stood for and sacrificed his life. The people who call themselves Hindus have nothing to do with Krishna; although they worship him, worshipping makes no difference in their lives. They have not learned the art that Krishna represents; in fact, they have interpreted Krishna according to their own ideas. And the same is the case with the Buddhists and the Jainas and other religions. They have all gone against the original founders. They have fallen victims of priests—and priests have nothing to do with religion at all.

Priests and politicians are in a conspiracy to exploit people, and the best way to exploit people is to destroy their intelligence. These religions have enslaved humanity. They have not helped people to be free, to be independent, to have their own selves; on the contrary, they have reduced them to slaves; in the name of religion they have created great prisons. And the strategy is subtle—very subtle, very cunning. The basic strategy is the same one used all over the world by all the religions. The first and the most fundamental principle of that strategy is: destroy people’s love for life, love for joy, love for celebration. Once people’s roots are cut away from existence they start shrinking in themselves, they start losing the sources of nourishment. Their whole being becomes poisoned.

They cannot really escape from life—nobody can really escape from life. Even the people who escape to the mountains have to depend on people who work in the marketplace. Nobody can really escape from life. The people who have gone into the monasteries are dependent on people who live outside; they depend on their support. If all the world, if the whole of humanity renounces life, it will be committing a global suicide. The Buddhist monk has to beg from those who are not yet monks. The Christian monk has to live on the donations of the people who are still in the world. Nobody can really escape from life while he is alive; it is impossible. But your sources can be poisoned.

You cannot escape from life and you cannot live your life totally. You start feeling guilty about being alive: you start feeling as if to be alive is a sin. You start cutting your life as much as you can; you start living at the minimum. That too you accept only as a necessary evil. That’s why laughter has disappeared, wholeness has disappeared. People look sad; their existence has become meaningless. They are uncreative; they are in a kind of limbo, neither here nor there. This is what your religions have done.”    Osho

If I Were The Innkeeper


I saw this poster a couple of weeks ago. It is one of many that we see, often around the holidays. Many people read it and feel a sense of outrage at the inn keeper. Most of those same people identify themselves as someone who would have found room at their inn for a man and his heavily pregnant wife, had they been in his shoes those many years ago.

It is the same with the death of Christ and the persecution he and his followers suffered. People insist they would have followed him, they would have stood up and been counted. It is easy to talk about what we would have done, after the fact and all the outcomes are known. It is never quite as easy to make that same decision when the actual opportunity occupies the same moment as we do. Continue reading

TFFT – Limitless You

Alan Watts

  I have had the honour and privilege throughout my life of many experiences and opportunities that have allowed me to be taught, to study, to learn and to sometimes practice many different forms of religion and spirituality. May I say, with complete humbleness that I was, and continue to be, a student in this regard.

I will always be a student in search of understanding. Continue reading


“God does not care about our personal theology. Our physical beliefs are all rooted in temporary forms and substance; they are all but a passing moment in time. What really matters is experience, spiritual experience. It appears that the purpose of the entire universe is experience—firsthand, gut-wrenching, personal experience. Nothing can replace it. It’s now clear that personal experience is the road to wisdom that we all share.”  William Buhlman

Prayers, Green Bean Casseroles, Social Media and Evolution.

3 bean

There  we sat, dinner was finally on the table, all the family gathered around at Easter/Christmas/Thanksgiving/4-H Steer of the Year/Grandma cured her hemorrhoids/ whatever  . . .  with all my favourite dishes set out on the table.  We could not wait to dig in.  My mouth was watering, my brother was drooling more than normal, and grandma already had her teeth in and ready to go.

And then someone would say, “Wait, Wait!  We have to say grace!”

And several people would smile but their legs would kick out underneath the table in the general direction of the person who spoke. Continue reading

Today I Learned …

autentic self

I knew there had to be an answer.

My son gave it to me.

What a lot of people do not understand about me is that I ask questions, not because I want to say something bad about other people, but because I really need to understand how things happen.  I know we all think differently and I just could not get my head around this one question.

How do people go to church every Sunday and sit there and hear all the lessons and messages of love, forgiveness and be kind to one another and not get it?  How can they sit there and hear those messages when they live their lives acting superior to everyone else and being cruel and unfair to other people around them?  I mean choose to be a bastard, but then why go to church?  Wouldn’t its lessons get in the way of your life? Continue reading