TFFT: The Road to Happiness.

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It has always struck me as such a contradiction that we send people to classes on self-esteem and to have confidence, but the moment someone is comfortable in their own skin, or able to promote their abilities, we are ready to get the tar and feathers.

The journey for me, to know myself, has been filled with truths.  I am probably more brutally honest with myself, more critical, more willing to say the unsaid, than any of my enemies can dream of.  When I can stand up and raise my hand and volunteer that I can indeed do something, it comes from a painful journey of self awareness.  To get there, I am also aware of the many things I cannot do well or maybe not at all.   Am I expected to raise my hand to announce – I cannot do that, I suck at it … completely? Continue reading

I Like Me.

2013 - 1


Really when you think about it, if we are not a fan, how can we expect others to be?  A child is enthralled with every aspect of themselves.  They see the magic.  When is the last time you thought of yourself as magical?  It’s not too late.  Get some sparkle dust and a unicorn.  Never ever stop looking for unicorns and settle for a pony.