WORD'S WORTH“Do not exploit spirituality (universal truths) for personal power, fame or financial gain. Spiritual wisdom is universal and inherently belongs to everyone equally, no one is excluded or denied.” Anon I Mus

WORD'S WORTH“We judge the mystical experience not by its veracity, which is unknowable, but by its fruits: does it turn someone’s life in a positive direction?”  William James (paraphrased)

WORD'S WORTH“Generally, the great ones have begun with a deep skepticism about popular or traditional religion and man’s power to influence God or the gods. Their insights have been derived from an overwhelming experience of a reality beyond themselves rather than a postulate. They have matured with moral growth rather than intellectual effort. They are usually skilled thinkers, but when they have offered explanations, the explanation is clearly a by-product, rather than an object in itself.

Wherever the great mysticism has come, it has offered to replace popular or local religion with a new and universal allegiance. Folk beliefs about gods and spirits give place to a metaphysic of the utmost generality for those who can rise to it. The mystic’s passion is satisfied only with the sense of the Ultimate Reality, the God, Godhead or Godness that is the back of the world of mind and nature.”  R.B. Blakney

TFFT – Limitless You

Alan Watts

  I have had the honour and privilege throughout my life of many experiences and opportunities that have allowed me to be taught, to study, to learn and to sometimes practice many different forms of religion and spirituality. May I say, with complete humbleness that I was, and continue to be, a student in this regard.

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Spirituality Is Love.

The word “love” has come to mean many things, most of them just small bits of what the world truly encompasses.  Love is a verb and implies active energy that is healing and passionate.  Compassion is a great part of love . . . the ability to see others and to care about their situations.
Likewise “spirituality” has been misunderstood.  Many people still consider it completely entwined in religion when it isn’t.  Rather, spirituality can be a component of religion and while we could argue it should be, it isn’t always.  Spirituality is much deeper than dogma or ritual.  It speaks to a way of life, a connection to life, a relationship that defines actions.

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Today’s Food For Thought

those who follow their heart

Spent some time reading and rereading this one.  There are so many people waking up to who they are and what this world is.  I have such strong hopes that we will be gentle with one another at this time . . . that we will be patient and loving and helpful because this is such an individual process and there is no road map of us so we have to allow others to figure themselves out.

I have been working with my grand daughter and teaching her to see things differently.  We see people who seem to be asleep to us, who do not understand or see what we do.  The lesson is not about the other people.  It is about ourselves.  Just as we can see those people, there are people who see us because the lesson is that we never know it all BUT if we are always open and searching we will see and recognize the truth as it comes to us. Continue reading