Shame on the Village.


One of the things I kept from my religious upbringing was a teaching that said “I give unto men correct principles that they may govern themselves.” Everything can work beautifully when we do not have to rely on others, the government, or laws to make us do the right thing. If each man was guided by a personal integrity that considered not only themselves but the whole of mankind, we would eliminate almost every problem we currently face.

But we don’t, and expecting every person to be evolved to that level is not practical and it has never happened, despite the awesome stories your grandparents tell about how much better everything was when they were a kid.

Throughout history, there has always been pretty much everything we see today. At times it was better hidden than today, but it was there. But our grandparents and to some extent my own generation did have something. We had the general consensus of “the village.” Continue reading

TFFT: The Endless Debate.


It was an endless debate between by grandparents and I when I was growing up.  I was the one always bringing wounded things home, always volunteering, always standing up for others, always behind a cause . . . my grandmother tried to “shush” me so many times that I think she suffered with lack of spit for years.

The community tried to shush me. Continue reading