Where is our sanctuary?  Where is that space we all need to both find strength and peace?  With all the teachers, the methods, the gifted, the people from other dimensions, ascended masters, time travellers, aliens, television and book stars, reincarnated, psychics, shared secrets, special diets, sacred forgotten practices, dreams, special drugs from the rainforest . . . why are we still so lost?  Do you know where your sanctuary is?

“Sanctuary” and “Asylum” have become exchangeable words in our ever maddening stampede to dumb down the entire English language. The difference between the two is one of those slight shadings that manages to take a word and deepens and enriches its meaning.  “Asylum” is what we seek when we are running from something. It is a place where the protection from that something can be much broader than a finite space and has varying degrees of power – often put in place by power.  We are “granted asylum.” “Sanctuary” is more something we seek out when we are looking for something. It was originally intended to mean a religious place but the element of “safety” was eventually added to it and some of its meaning was lost and certainly confused. “Sanctuary” as a spiritual place where we might feel safe suggests that we should seek a religious place that has been created for such a purpose, or a place in nature where we can feel that spirit. It might even be provided by a special shrine or place we create within our home where we go to practice our spiritual endeavours. It refers to a specific contained space that creates a state of being.

Much of what has been presented to us as spiritual or religious has moved the whole journey from being an inner one to being one that engages and involves the outside world. We surrender our self. It has been perhaps, one of the most effective attacks on us as spiritual beings because it has put other people and things in control of our own connection. Continue reading

TFFT: Returning the Empty Beauty Bottles and Demanding a Refund.

you are


Who we are, how we treat people, what we say about them, the things we do to hurt their journey or enhance it . . . these are the things that speak volumes beyond anything else.  Are we capable of love?  Have we loved others?  What have we done to those who have loved us? Continue reading

Today’s Food For Thought.


We are not in charge of other people’s lives.  The best we can do is to share their journey and encourage them.  We can empower people by letting them know they are strong enough to find their own way … to find their own answers.  That is being a friend, a parent, a teacher …

Usurping stewardship from others is evil.  It is about control and it is about imposing our beliefs and ideals and needs onto others.  If you only love someone as long as they agree with you, or as long as they do as you want them to, it is not love.  Loving one another is about allowing other people to be who they are and you focusing on who you are. Continue reading