Unfeeling Internet


I woke up this morning and the internet is mocking me.  It posted this after my heart wrenching story here:


I think it is incredibly unfeeling of them to ignore the trauma I suffered by posting this and encouraging others to do this to mock me some more.  STOP MOCKING ME!

The Lion’s Share.

Last night on the news they covered more about the American Dentist who killed the lion, Cecil,  for sport.   I am not mentioning the hunter’s name here for a reason.  The killer said that he did not realize the animal was known, or had a name, or meant anything to its country.  If he had, he would not have killed it.

Doesn’t that sum up some people’s capacity (limitations) for love?  Only if the victim was known to someone, only if they mattered – this is what provides value.   Otherwise, it is a free for all for people like him.  He decided according to his “sport” in that moment.  He did not make sure, he did not research, he paid to kill a lion, he saw a lion, he killed it.  Now he is asking for mercy for his family and decrying the cruelty of people to attack him and them over this.  Again, because he, even being unknown to those strangers, matters . . .  while the lion, does not. Continue reading

Adult Vaccines

I’m sorry but I struggle to believe that the same government who allows the food companies to put all those chemical additives into our food, allows fracking to continue, who allow big pharma to experiment on us with unproven drugs, who added flouride to our water, who thinks it is a good idea to have genetically engineered foods, is now wanting to force people to have adult vaccines . . . . because they are concerned about our health.

re:  Akubra now using European rabbits to make their hats.   http://finance.ninemsn.com.au/newsbusiness/9006273/katter-hopping-mad-over-akubra-cost-cuts  THIS explains everything!!  We wondered why we suddenly had so many bunnies in our yard.  They should be hats NOT eating everything in our yard.   Just another reason why you should never mess with nature, it messes up all the balance.  BUT  . . . in related news . . . next time hubby needs a new hat I will simply present him with one of the dead bunnies from our yard and he can make his own hat.  Everyone should have little projects to do in their old age.


Kim and Kanye had to wait 30 minutes for their sushi … THIS is important news that needs to be on the front page of my internet waiting for me to wake up so I can know all the important things that happened while I slept.

I let go of strings on my pajama bottoms, they fell off, I started typing to everyone I knew and some I don’t … just desperately needing to know that they were ok, that they had survived, and in case they had not heard, that they might hear it from someone they know and not some random stranger … except for the ones who were random strangers.

I am not sure I will ever recover from this.

Is there a Hallmark card appropriate to send them?  Can life be so cruel?

I needed help pulling my pajama bottoms back up.

THIS!!  In relation to my blog, “Who’s To Blame?” 

“Mental health agency Beyond Blue said “suicidal tendencies” were unlikely to lead a man to take the lives of 149 other people.

The organisation’s CEO, Georgie Harman, said such discussion showed a lack of understanding of mental health.

“Whether or not the co-pilot had depression I think is incredibly unhelpful,” she said.

“When a person takes his or her own life, that’s suicide and that’s usually a single act. When a person allegedly kills hundreds of people for whose safety he or she is responsible, that’s a crime.”

Tony Abbott has Gifts

Tony Abbott said that the less said about the Bali Nine, the better.  Of course, he is saying that AFTER he has already opened his own mouth, inserted both his feet and a few of his other political winner friends.  He has already offended everyone in this case and made it worse with his comments.  I suppose we should thank him for that, in that, we don’t need to say a thing more, no need for us to toy with perfection.  Oh and in other news, he can eat an onion, skin and all, without shedding a tear.  No Tony, unique talents get you into the circus, not people’s hearts.  But thanks for coming out.